Peninsula Hawks Scholarship Fund

Aiding in the Pursuit of Academic and Vocational Education

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Peninsula High School boasts one of the largest high school scholarship programs in the state, the Peninsula Hawks Scholarship Fund. It provides as much as $300,000 per year in awards to graduates of our school. The awards can be used for any type of accredited educational institution; from short training programs to full-fledged university education, and for any type of major, whether vocational or academic.

Students apply by completing a scholarship portfolio during their senior year. In it, they provide information about their accomplishments during their high school years and their future plans. This portfolio serves as the application for a large number of awards, given mostly by local donor families, businesses and organizations.

Eligibility: Qualifying seniors of Peninsula High School who prepared a notebook which met requirements. Qualifying graduating seniors receiving a minimum of 6 credits from onsite classes, attend classes on site at PHS, graduate with the current senior class, and receive a diploma from PHS on the graduating date of the current class.

Selection Awards are based on merit rather than financial need.

Scholarship Notebooks: Students must be planning to attend an accredited educational institution to receive their scholarship and request payment through their institutions’ registrations department.

Criteria: Matching recipients with donors by defining donor criteria and matching to recipient’s notebook content.